Saturday, February 03, 2007

How I Got My Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

Back in early November, after realizing that BCB MasterCard Debit card has been discontinued, I wrote that I wanted to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron as a change. I finally did, here's a picture of my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card:

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It took me a while to obtain this useful debit card for my online transaction. Firstly, I'm guilty of procrastinating thing and secondly, I was doing something else, that is for sure. However with my new pay on my upcoming new job, I am going to be eligible to apply for a credit card. Still, if I wanted to be debt free, I think I would be better staying away of those addicting credit cards. As you know, with more buying power comes greater paying responsibilities.

So, laying out the steps, here's a step by step explanation of what I did to get my hand on this debit card.

Step 1

After doing some extensive research on forums and other people's blog, the right thing to do to apply the card is to dot it online on Public Bank's website. Why apply online? From the input I received, if you go to your nearest branch, they will give you a form and asked you to post your application to Public Branch HQ nearby KLCC. Save yourself the petrol money apply it here.

Step 2

After you have finished Step 1, you'll be asked to print out the filled up application form, sign it and attach a photocopy of your Malaysian Identity Card. Post the form along with your photocopy of IC to the Public Bank address given. Now, your job is done, be patient and wait.

Some details here, I sent the application online on Wednesday 27th December 2006, post the application form using the snail mail on Thursday 28th December 2006. Since I live in KL, it should take like a day to arrive to Public Bank HQ. I could send it myself on my motorbike but it too much of a hassle, beside I'd be better spending 30 cent on postage than RM2 on my motorbike fuel.

After 21 days (or 3 weeks) which was on the 18th January 2007, I got my approval letter sent to me at home. The letter as you can see on the above includes my brand new card number and asked me to deposit at least RM25 into my approved debit card in order for them to send me the physical card. The RM25 should remain inside the account at anytime to make sure the card is active. If I don't deposit any money into the account within 2 months, the card would be discarded.

Here's the not so good part. On Monday 22nd January 2007, armed with RM50 cash to deposit. I went to my nearest Public Bank branch in Batu 3, Jln Ipoh, KL and found out that there was no cash deposit machine. There was only an ATM machine and a cheque deposit machine only. Since it was after working hour, I couldn't deposit the money over the counter. So, I returned home pissed and did an online transfer using Maybank2u instead. Maybank2u charges RM2 for interbank transaction and they say that it will take them 2 business days to complete the transaction. Yet another delay. My advice is to just do an online transfer and pay those RM2 service charge. You'll be a lot glad doing that fighting your way to the bank.

4 days later or on the 26th January 2007, my Public Bank Visa Electron arrived on my doorstep by the national courier service Poslaju. Still, I have no idea whether the card can be used or not because on the package letter, it says that the PIN number would be mailed separately. I did however tried verifying my PayPal account to receive a pending USD27 on my Paypal account (I'll blog about how I got my PayPal verified later).

Overall, it took me 30 days or a whole month to obtain my Public Bank Visa Electron. It could be done earlier but you need some extra effort I think. Now, that finishes my report on getting a Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card. What I need right now is my PIN number to check my online statement (if there is any).

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Josette said...

Hi Ashrufzz, I saw your comment in Cypher's blog. Thanks for writing about how you got your debit card. Now I understand the process better.

cypherhackz said...

aku aritu dah hantar. tapi dorang cakap dorang tak terima pun surat aku. jenuh je hantar.

CreditFan said...

Yup… Thank you for describing this process, but I don’t like debit cards. My choice is credit cards.

angie said...

I found your blog when trying to find out how to get PB Debit Card. Thanks for taking time to explaining and suggesting steps to take. It really makes my life easier.

Opra said...

Today it's not problematic to get debit cards. However, more and more people prefer credit cards to debit cards. They say that credit cards are more convenient:)))