Thursday, January 25, 2007
After more than a month with last week I got my interview done, I have finally agreed to accept a job position offered to me last Tuesday. That's quite quick considering that it has just been only a week since I found the job. Answering Miss dAia's question, yes I am quitting my job. The reaction that I get from my boss when I send him my resignation notification letter was, he told me to do a better job in my new career or I'll get screwed. My boss is kind of hard to say 'thank you' to me or any other staff he had or has, so I don't really mind about it. Just to let you know, the job responsibility I was carrying was so big but the reward is puny. So I am very relieved to let go of the position I held for more than 2 years and move on to my next one.

There are two topics that I will write about based on my job hunting experience last week. First one is 'Tips on Job Hunting Online'. Second would be 'How To Make A Good Notice of Resignation Letter'. Hopefully by writing this 2 articles, it would be a great value to anyone who needs information regarding this two topics. I'll write for you all again very soon.

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