Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Track Your Logistics with GPS Insight

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If you live in America and you drive a car, this service is something that can be useful for you and if you have a logistic company, its even better. We all know what GPS is, if you don't then GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a piece of technology that can locate where you are or whatever you have tagged on a map so that you know where it is. Pretty simple right?

GPS Insight is a company that provide vehicle tracking product targeted for service and trucking companies, e.g. HVAC, roofing, plumbing, construction, sales forces, delivery vehicles, long haul trucking, etc. Normally these companies have fleets of vehicle running around all over the place and keeping track of them can be a hassle without proper communicating tools. GPS Insight provide the necessary hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking system that is easy to install and get it up running in a short period of time.

Here's how the mapping software looks like, check out the screen shot taken from GPS Insight website:

GPS Insight Map

Once a vehicle is located, a call out pop up will show up:

GPS Insight Call Out Pop Up on Software

You'll probably want to check out the video demo for GPS Insight. I was astounded by the amount of information that GPS Insight can track. Imagine this, you owned a car and someone borrowed it to go to somewhere, you can literally know whether they are at home, idling the car, speeding or stopped by somewhere and that data is updated every 2 minutes. Utilizing Google Mapping software, the map is pretty much comprehensive and in some places, 3D. It's amazing.

Benefits of using GPS Insight are:
  1. Gets direct engine diagnostics (fault codes, speed, fuel consumption, odometer readings, idle time, etc.)
  2. Cost only $1.50-2 per day per vehicle
  3. No more labor paid when people aren't really working, fuel savings, routing efficiencies, etc.)
If you are an avid fan of GPS technology, you should also check out GPS Insight Blog. It has tonnes of information of how to use GPS Insight in tracking your fleets of vehicle. If you have GPS Insight already installed and need help, GPS Insight Support page has a wiki just in case you have questions regarding GPS Insight.

Overall, GPS Insight is simply a remarkabe product.

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nUUr said...

i was wondering when will this tech will be availabe in malaysia...:(