Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Two nights ago right before the day I'm starting my new job, there was chaos on my neighbourhood. Well, actually it was everywhere in KL I supposed. From what I heard, that night was a night to chase away the sky devil. So, the fireworks were intended to do the jobs. There was also "Flying Tanglungs" decorating the sky. I'm not so sure if it is correct or not, but every year I keep seeing more and more of these fireworks. The most interesting part, there was also fireworks during "Hari Raya Aidil Fitri".

Anyway, I was wide awake during the firework display just outside of my bedroom windows. So, again after Chinese New Year 2007 Firework Display, I present 3 more videos I shot during the night's firework show that lasted almost an hour:

Oh well, nothing much happened. Let's see another one:

My car is parked just in front of outside my house. Lucky these people didn't played with big firecrackers or something could have happen to it.

I got crazy and just enjoyed the show.

It didn't stop there as there were 3 places where the fireworks was launched. It was a really busy night.

Either way, I still had a good night sleep after all the fireworks settled. Looking for more fireworks next year.


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