Sunday, February 18, 2007
I have been living in Kuala Lumpur for more than 10 years already. The place that I live has a mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indian so when the festive season of our culture came, we have the same opportunity to observe and enjoy them together. Yesterday was a wet day since it was raining from early morning till the evening despite the weather department forecasting a dry spell because of the El-Nino phenomenon.

Anyway, last night was the day before Chinese New Year so after midnight, as usually for the past couple of years, I can see fireworks just outside of my bedroom windows. I guess the Chinese community are now getting richer and richer. Although firework is illegal in this country, they never seem to fail getting supplies of them. Wait till 'Chap Goh Meh' comes, that time there will be more fireworks everywhere from where I live.

So, armed with my father's 3 years old Kodak Easy DX6490 with built-in memory, I took this video from inside my bedroom window. You can hear my voice in the video, so now you know how I sound like ;-)

Gung Xi Fat Choy!

For a better view of the video, click here.


posted by Encik Ash at 2/18/2007 02:21:00 pm |


At 2/18/2007 03:23:00 pm, Anonymous ZeMMs

Weird as it may sound.. but if you observe from past years, it will always rain on chinese new year..


At 2/21/2007 06:34:00 pm, Blogger Ashrufzz

Really? I didn't realized that before. Let's see what will happen next year's Chinese New Year, shall we?