Saturday, February 24, 2007
There an old saying which I find very important relating to jobs: "If you're the smartest person where you work, quit". What does that mean? Basically - if you work with people smarter than you, you'll learn a lot. If you don't, you won't.

I'm finally glad I am officially resigned from my job right now. Eventhough I got a new job waiting ahead of me, I'm taking the liberty of having the 'jobless status' over the weekend. I sure feel very relieved as the burden on my shoulder is now gone. However, I do expect to receive calls from my replacement who will be asking on what to do and stuff she is still struggling to understand, it doesn't bother me anymore as I am feeling happy right now.

Alright, let's see what my role are and what I've done for the former company that I have served for 27 months or 2 years and 3 months:
  • Taking over the technical role of the company by learning the software solution that the company represents. (December 2004)
  • Taking over the reception/administration role of the company by learning book keeping, documents filing, preparing payroll and doing clerical work such as proposal and edit and proofreading the boss's marketing letter and proposals. (February 2005)
  • Brought in some help (my brother) into the company to assist me on technical support. (March 2005)
  • Single handedly developed the company's website which includes a wordpress blog. (April 2005)
  • Brought in another help (a girl I met on Friendster) on board the company to assist me on book keeping and reception. (May 2005)
  • Organized a 1 week training session for one of the company's client at Intekma Resort Shah Alam. (May 2005)
  • Cleaned up and packed all the company's stuff and documents to a temporary office in Subang. (June 2005)
  • Took up an IT practical student from a polytechnic after my book keeping staff resigned. (July 2005)
  • Moved to a brand new office suite at Amcorp Mall, PJ. (September 2005)
  • Took up another IT practical student from a local private institution. (October 2005) *These practical students are sometime worthless, they don't have their own initiative and needed to be spoon fed. What's going on with them?
  • Became a project coordinator for one of the company's client doing IT implementation. (October 2005 - April 2006) *The project was discontinued for some odd reasons.
  • Pulled in a good friend of mine into the company to become a data entry officer for the IT Project. (January 2006)
  • Prepared countless of proposals and marketing letter for the boss and sent it out.
  • Update the company's websites and the blog.
  • Taking care of technical documentations eventhough I have no idea at first.
  • Resolved technical problems concerning the company's computers and internal network.
  • Taking any inbound calls for the office.
  • And other stuff which can be endless to list here...
Wow..that's a lot of stuff that I have done. The price paid for the job I did was only RM27,000 for approximately 27 months. Quite cheap don't you think so? Even my replacement is going to get paid RM18,000 per year. I wonder how am I going to get a cheap labour guy like that for my own company when I have one. Oh well, I could have make more money if I went to a bigger company. My friend all thought me as crazy for doing such high valued job for a fraction of the price. Just as the saying "If you're the smartest person where you work, quit", I kind of feel used by my company furthermore underpaid. I do feel stressed out knowing about that but I am still determined to think that there must be something rewarding awaits me after this. Maybe there is in my next new job next week, we'll see.

Here's some slide show pictures of me at my former company:

So, what do you think of my former office? Anyway, if you need some inspiration regarding careers and jobs read Technical Revenue: Why I Work At Google by Paul Tyma, a Google Inc. employee. They are in on different level. I envy them!


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