Wednesday, May 10, 2006
This is a follow up of my previous post. The ceiling to the basement car park is so low, so the tow truck can't go inside and tow my car out. It had been 2 days my car is trapped inside the basement. I had to get it out fast because the longer it stays there, the more I have to pay. However, I doubt the tow truck can come in because of the low ceiling and what the previous AAM mechanic had told me, so I went to the parking management office. They then told me that small tow truck can come in as long as the truck height is less than 2 metres.

So, I called AAM back and asked if they can help me change the broken part of my car instead of towing my car. They replied 'no' and said it was outside of their scope of work to do major work for the car. They then told me that they are going to send me a tow truck and see how it goes. I then said okay. In the meantime, I had to make a plan B in case the AAM truck cannot go inside the basement. I've obtained a number for a mechanic nearby to change the part that I've bought.

Plan A was unsuccessful because the driver of the AAM truck who came was not so sure he can drive the truck inside the basement parking. So, I had to proceed with Plan B which is to call up the mechanic and asked him to do the job down in the basement. Here's a few pictures taken during the moment of rescuing my car:

Broken FWD CV Joint of a Driveshaft

The mechanic who came was shocked to see the broken CV Joint. The thing wasn't supposed to break like that. Probably cheap material were used during the production of this part.

Ball Bearing of CV Joint

Look at the ball bearing coming out from the broken CV Joint.

Mechanic replacing my driveshaft

Because of limited space, my mechanic had to duck under the car and pull out the driveshaft out.My new driveshaft cost me around RM150. If I just change the CV Joint, it'll only cost me around RM80 but that would make the mechanic job a lot more difficult and cost me more, so I bought a new piece of driveshaft instead.

Broken Driveshaft

Look at the torn driveshaft taken out. Oh, BTW, the replacement is a reconditioned part and not original one. The original cost more but it's your choice to get an original or a reconditioned one. I don't have the budget so I go for the cheaper option.

After paying up the mechanic, I took my car out of the parking basement. The cost of parking since Saturday until Monday was RM14. Total cost of repair, less than RM300. If I could have check my car for damages before the incident happened, my cost could have been just less than RM100. So, the term 'preventation is better than cure' still hold.

I'm going to be more cautious from now on.
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