Monday, May 08, 2006
In life, there are ups and downs. I can't deny how both of them are equally important to balance out our lives. Anyway, yesterday I had another misfortune or in another interesting term, blessing in disguise, my car driveshaft given up on me. I just finished dinner after watching Mission Impossible 3 and I was just about to leave the mall. Suddenly, my car wasn't able to move forward and then there was a loud strange noise coming from the engine compartment. I suspect the drive shaft broke because all this while it was giving some strange grinding noise. It then make sense that the thing has broken down.

I'll show you how an anatomy of a FWD drive shaft looks like:

FWD Drive Shaft Anatomy

So this is a constant velocity or a CV Joint. Basically, it is installed in a front wheel drive (FWD) vehicle because the components are less than the rear wheel drive (RWD). However, FWD tend to be more complicated hence, it should cost more. Interestingly, a commodity products cost can be lowered down therefore it is much more cheaper to repair compared to a non-commodity.

Outer  & Inner CV Joint on a Drive Shaft

More information on how to Remove a CV Driveaxle.

So, what happen to my car was, the outboard CV joint broke, so the engine has no load to distribute therefore, the energy cannot be channel. I had to push back my car into the car park lot in the basement and call for help. Unfortunately it was late and the next day was a weekend.

Oh well, the car is still there down in the basement. I'm trying my best to get the car out of the parking basement as the more days it is park there, the more I have to pay. Damn it...Oh well, got to get some rest now. Write again soon.
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