Sunday, February 04, 2007
I got back this evening from Low Yat Plaza, Bukit Bintang Plaza to have a peek of the Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office launch. Most people in Malaysia is aware of Low Yat Plaza being the premiere IT shopping paradise and people going there is on a buying mode making sales easier for shop owners and salesperson, maybe that is one of the reason Microsoft decided to host their launch there and hopefully making more sales of their products:

Knowing the bad traffic at Bukit Bintang and the high parking fees, I went there with my old trusted motorbike thus saving me a lot money (I spent only RM2 just for my motorbike petrol). So, after I parked my motorbike at the free motocycle parking bay inside the Low Yat Plaza, the new Windows Vista logo greeted me:

It's actually a time capsule where there is a timeline of the Windows product family:

Inside there is also some showcases of the 2007 Microsoft Office and some of the beautiful GUI presentation of Windows Vista. I've never seen the Windows Vista in action before so it is quite awesome.

The view of the grand stage. I arrived there just 10 minutes before 6pm. I was supposed to go there yesterday night for the official launch and watch the presentation. Unfortunately, I had other stuff planned so I postponed my visit to today. Maybe because the show was almost over, so the crowd wasn't too many or maybe they are much more interested to go and shop inside Low Yat Plaza rather than wandering outside.

Anyway, before I went to Low Yat, I had a glimpse of Windows Vista by installing Thoosje Vista Sidebar. Here's my Vista desktop view:

Ashrufzz Desktop Vista View

Windows vista button has no "Start" word anymore. It is now just a sleek logo of windows. My desktop hasn't been configured that way yet. Well, it is a Windows XP Home Edition still and I have no intention to upgrade to Vista yet. For me, the highly beautiful graphic user interface (GUI) that Windows Vista incorporate is rather resource consuming so you better have at least 1GB of RAM or even better, a good graphic display card such as ATI Radeon or equivalent. Mine is a shared memory of 512MB RAM with the motherboard chipset. My FireFox browser normally consumes more than 50% of my computer memory so those awesome GUI will just add to slowing down my system.

Until I can afford to pay RM800 for an original copy of Windows Vista (Basic full version), I think I would just settle with a piece of software (like the one I'm using now) to mimic the Windows Vista feel. Moreover, the current Windows XP is still usable and working fine. There is no need for an upgrade at the moment. Either way, if you feel like upgrading, then go ahead. Hope your hardware is good enough to crunch those sleek, stylish and shiny transparent desktop environment.


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