Thursday, January 11, 2007
I never understood what StumbleUpon is all about. I first read about it at LiewCF Blog, I did read about StumbleUpon at their website but I thought it was just another social bookmarking tools until recently when I wrote about Web Scripts on Ashrufzz's Blog. This is what happen to my blog's traffic:

Ashrufzz Jan06 Stat

I then re-read about StumbleUpon and install it for myself on my Firefox browser. Now I know why my traffic spike this month. It is basically a toolbar on your web browser that when you click, it will go to other website other StumbleUpon user has saved. I've StumbleUpon a lot of websites and they are really quite interesting, you'll never find such interesting website when you search on Google or somewhere.

Alright, I'll StumbleUpon some more website before I do something else afterward. Happy Stumbling!


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