Thursday, January 04, 2007
One of the advantage of using free Blogger blog is the ability to insert your own web scripts. In my blog alone, after tracking down what scripts I've put in. It seems like I have 17 different kind of scripts. Some of the scripts I had little use of, so I think I better review it back to see what is their functions. There was also scripts I have used but I discontinued it because it gave me little or no use at all, plus it doesn't gave me any value. Let's check them out:

Advertising Scripts

Apart from Google Adsense, I have also put in Amazon Associate. Another one is Blogkits. Blogkits is an alternative advertising scripts targeted for low traffic websites or blog. Well, my blog has low traffic, so what? I had put Darkblue Ad before, but they don't seem to have any interesting ads that I like so I'll check them out later.

Search Script

Google has a searching script which allows you to search your own blog. It will put a search box where ever you wanted it to be. You can also customized it to whatever you like. With that also, if you are registered to Google Adsense, every advertising on search done on your search box is worth the advertising dollar the advertiser pays.

Tracking Scripts

I've installed several tracking scripts. At first all the scripts (except for Statcounter which is my main tracking script) is intended for experiment only. However, I couldn't find any expiry date to the experiment so I just leave the scripts alone. Here's a list and brief description of the scripts function:
  • 103 Bees- A real-time online tool that is highly focused on natural search engine traffic
  • HitTail- Another real-time online tool for natural search engine traffic. The only difference is HitTail has a Long Tail tool for you to analyze search terms which arrived on your blog.
  • Google Analytics- Google's own web statistics tool. I find it too advanced for me to use.
  • MyBlogLog- Beside tracking visitors, it adds a nice widget for the most recent readers who came.
  • Performancing Metrics- A real-time free blog statistics. Acquired by PayPerPost recently.
  • AdLogger- I hosted this free Adsense tracking script engine on one of my shared hosting. Lots of valuable functions.
Other related scripts
  • Feedburner- Simplify your feed services
  • Feedblitz- Getting blog posts in your e-mail (integrated with Feedburner)
  • Blinklist- For the tag clouds you see on my sidebar
  • Cbox Tagboard- Free chatbox on your sidebar
  • Technorati- To display your Technorati profile on your sidebar and to confirm that it's your blog
There were two scripts that I've taken out from my blog not too long ago. One is CoComent and the other is HaloScan. Both of them are comments management tool but I have no idea what CoComent does. I tried to learn about CoComent but I just don't get it. HaloScan is a replacement comment tool instead of the default one. If you use Blogger and you receive a lot of comment from your reader, HaloScan provide quite a useful tool for you to manage comments. For me however, I don't really need to manage that many amount of comments.

That's about it. If I stumbled upon another interesting scripts after this and it is free, I am most likely to sign-up and install the script in my blog. However, with so many scripts I have, I don't think I would like to add more to that and risk my blog to become heavier. Keep it simple is the best way to go, for now.


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