Friday, December 01, 2006
I can spend all day long waiting, downloading and viewing videos on YouTube. If you haven't browsed YouTube before, you should try it and you'll be surprised on what other people are sharing. YouTube gets an enormous amount of traffic from all over the world and they are raking millions from advertising. While some people thought YouTube would never survive the high cost of bandwitdh which they have to pay up every month, eventually Google bought them over on a USD1.65 million deal of stocks. You can read about YouTube history on Wikipedia.

So, how can you make money with videos? The answer is by using Google Adsense. Personally, I've never got any Google cheques yet but I'm working slowly building websites, blogs and add in some Adsense Ads while building traffic to the websites created. I don't know when I'll get the cheques because it is really up to me to work or not. Recently I found other ways that could make my Adsense ads scripts/code to get more exposure thus increasing my chance of getting a click and some money.

The place is called TheVideoSense. After more than 2 weeks joining and submitted 11 videos that I've selected from YouTube, I've managed to get about 134 views for the videos submitted and 103 impression of my Adsense Ads. Not bad, however I'm not so sure videos can increase the Click Through on ads because for me, if I'm watching videos on YouTube, I never give any attention to the surrounding ads. Anyway, it is worth a try. Either way, thinking positively, the more you can exposed your Adsense Ads, the more chances of money you can earn:

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