Sunday, July 23, 2006
Each Saturday, I now take an extra class. So last Saturday, I went to my second class for my one year Cisco Certified Network Associate certification attempt. Since I'm taking the class on a part time basis, 4 hours of class once a week is not enough. I think I'm struggling to keep up with the huge amount of knowledge and information that I have to gain in order to answer each assesment test correctly. At first, the 1st class was easy. There was nothing much to think and memorize.

During the second class, there was 2 new assessment test and I had to answer the test eventhough I haven't read and understand the syllabus. Because of the time constraintment, I had to do what busy office people do, 'multitask'. Multitasking itself is another practice which requires time and perseverence to master. Since the course is done over a computer with an internet connection, it's not that difficult to open up another browser and try to search the answer by minimizing the test. With the use of search engines and the 'find' function on the browser, it made searching for the required answer way much faster.

Being fast doesn't really mean you can answer the question correctly. You still need to understand what the question is in order to answer each question correctly. It reminds me when I was in school where I was eager to learn during the first subject taught in class. In my mind at that time was, I could score an "A" for the subject with no problem. It then wears off after as the lesson get more and more advance. Well, I think I should take one step at a time rather than just doing an express study/revision or more better known as 'the last minute study'.
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