Saturday, July 15, 2006

What? Another Gym?

I just got a call from another gym called Celebrity Fitness, Subang Parade. Telemarketers are relentless, I hate them. Oh I forgot, I was a telemarketer before. I know how they feel. Anyway, I guess my contact number just became a victim of someone who knows me and refered me as a potential lead to them. Probably the person just wanted the 7 days trial and paid the gym my handphone number along with a few others I guess. I'm not going to waste my time trying to find who that person is.

If you want to see the review of Celebrity Fitness, I present you the link below:

Free Trial at Celebrity Fitness

I've set an appointment on Wednesday evening to go and see the sales lady. I think I'm going to cancel them and gave up a number of people I hate..haha..Gosh, it was like last two years when I got numerous calls to join business opportunities and Multi-Level Marketing. I wonder who else would call me next?

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