Thursday, July 13, 2006
Two days ago, I received a call from a lady who said she was from some kind of fitness centre. At first I thought it was from Fitness First because I didn't hear the other word apart from Fitness. After clarifying, it was from True Fitness another operator of modern gymnasium for urban citizen which is popping out in KL City. As a former telemarketer, I know how and what they are going to do, however I think it wouldn't hurt to make an appointment to see what they have to offer.

I went to True Fitness which is located at Desa Sri Hartamas. I normally go back and forth over the same route and see the Fitness Centre everyday but I haven't had the interest to see what it's like inside there. So, the consultant that made an appointment with me was named Vera, I'm not sure if she is a Chinese or a Malay or other races but she was nice. She gave me a tour of the facilities. The place is huge. It was bigger than the Fitness First Centre at Damansara Uptown and Subang Jaya where I went 2 years ago. They also have a lot of classes going on almost the same as Fitness First but the unique part is, there's Yoga Classes. They also have plenty of spaces for the members to do their workout.

So, after all the tour and sightseeing around the vicinity, now comes the hard part, The Membership Payment. I have no whatsoever budget to join a gym club yet. The consultant went ahead and showed me the catalog and the price. As expected, the price is too steep for me. Imagine RM500 just for the joining fees, RM90 for the application fees and RM215 per month, my god..I would have to bootstrap like crazy if I were to join this club. The consultant then act if she was going to help me with the payment, yeah she was right, she slashed a few ringgit here and there. That's not helping, that's just downsizing the figures and hope that I feel gratitude of her helping me. She then did the dissapearing act, as if she went to the managers room to get even a lower price. She's not going to fool me, I know that she didn't go and see her manager, she just went inside her staff room and waited a few minutes before coming out and pretend to bring good news. So, what I did, I did my dissapearing act while she was away. I ran out the gym, started my car and drove away. Oh, I also switched off my handphone so that she couldn't reach me. My phone then got an sms that she tried and called me 5 times. I have a feeling that she'll contact me again pretty soon.

What have I learned? I learned that I need to exercise to build up my body strength. I am becoming weak just by sitting down in front of this laptop. I have a free gym facility down at my office but I hardly ever use it. I'm so ashamed of myself. I need to change.

If you like to read more about gym reviews around Kuala Lumpur. There is one blog that I recommend:

Mun Blog | The site for the gym goers. Be Strong. Be Fit.

I not sure if the blogger is a 'he' or a 'she' but the reviews Mun Blog gave is very good. Read Free Trial at True Fitness (1). You can see pictures and other related stuff about the gym that I went.

Be Strong. Be Fit.

P/S: You don't need to have membership of a gym to have a healthy lifestyle. Save money and go for a jog at the park is sufficient enough to maintain a healthy body.

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