Sunday, July 02, 2006
I've been wearing a lot of hats eversince I started joining the employment world. I wish I only wear just one hat but I couldn't resist having high ambitions for myself. The only problem is I have too many ambitions and I don't know where do I start off. Some of them I've already started but I got lost somewhere. I had my share of success but the only success I haven't achieve yet is financial success.

I am very fortunate to have a team, so I'm not that lonely. The most touching part is, they stood up behind me. They are very supportive of me for whatever decisions that I've made. Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to provide them with the dreams that we have put up in our mind which is to form our own R&D Office doing online activities. We love the web technology but we were still unable to find resources to operate our operations.

Anyway, last Friday we went to the Securities Commission Malaysia at Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. The building is huge and they have great facilities there. I wish I had an office there however there were only a cafe there so it is hard to get food if you are starving. The seminar that we went to was titled "Online Biz Event" done by The Affiliate Solutions. Primarily is was a talk by a guy named Dennis. Oh, BTW here's a few shot taken at the event:

Me and My Team

This is all of my team mate. They really stand behind me, I'm not really sure why but it's fun to have loyal friends.

Dennis of The Affiliate Solutions Team

This is the guy doing the talk. He really knows what he is talking about.

Let me recap a little bit of what he deliver in his speech. By the way, if you are interested to check out the website, you can go to The Affiliate Solutions website. The affiliate marketing business is said to be the next business model that is going to shape the internet business world. According to MarketingSherpa a research firm publishing, this year alone is USD6 billion in revenue is going to take place. That's huge ammount of money to tap to. If I could make a mere small percentage of that, I could be set off for life.

So, what is affiliate marketing? I'm not going to go further deep into that, you can download this free e-book to learn everything about affiliate marketing 101 and how you can actually make money out of it. You can also read about Affiliate Marketing Guide by Janet Meiners, awesome stuff she wrote.

Okay now back to the seminar, of course a seminar needs to sell something in order to make money. This is because they are doing business. So what did they offer? They offered an affiliate marketing coaching. Interestingly, the coaching only cost RM1,800 which covers a period of 6 months. That's so bloody cheap!! I was almost sold on the price alone because I've been to a more expensive course before. However, since most of the content of the seminar was about Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement, it's not something which I can't afford or do at the moment. I know the power of using PPC because two years ago, I did them for 4 months. It's very profitable if it is executed and strategized well. I think I better go for other methods before I could resume my PPC activities again.

I recently listened to a recorded tele-seminar and one thing that really catched my interest. It's a classic story of a reporter asking a robber/thieve "why did you robbed the bank?", the robber simply replied "That is where the money is". So, we should go where the money is which is "In Business".

Have a great productive day.
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At 7/04/2006 12:52:00 am, Blogger newspapergrl

Thanks for the plug on my article! It's an evolving piece. I add to it as I learn. It was orginally published in a business magazine.

If you want the best course for affiliate managers and affiliates, go to

It will take you to the sales page, which doesn't do it justice. I know it's expensive but worth it. Part of it was a 1-day seminar at an affiliate marketing conference. That alone costs hundreds and you don't get the slides and workbook.

Check it out. My copy is on its way. I've seen my friend's copy and he raves about it. Perhaps your business would benefit. If you get it, let me know what you think.

I plan to put a lot of resources for affiliates on my site once I get it built out.



At 7/19/2006 08:01:00 pm, Anonymous Dennis

Hi Ashrufzz. I was just setting up my very first "official" blog that is to be hosted on domain.

Was surprised to see there was some incoming links and found yours to be one of them. That explains how I found
your blog.

Nice work bud. Keep it up. Since I am here, am making a significant change in my business planning and might as well inform you about it. Drop by my site/blog from time to time and you'll see the changes in direction.

Till then. Cheers!