Monday, May 01, 2006
Because of last monday incident, I did a bit of soul-searching. I realized that I've been drawn back into the ordinary mindset which I shouldn't be getting myself into. So, I went to a bookstore to see if there are any interesting books available. Fortunately, I found this very interesting book, The Armchair Millionaire:

At, the price is less than RM10 after converting the currency. Still, I'm not really sure about the shipping fees. Anyway, I bought it for RM15 and I find the book very soothing to read.

What the book teaches is we all have the potential to become millionaires. However, the sooner you start to invest, the higher chance you have using the power of compound interest. So every month, using one method called 'pay yourself first' a portion of your income is going to pay for your investment. Actually I've read this method before in other books, however this book explain how to do it in a very simple and concise way.

However, the book mainly target for the US reader. A few chapters of the book is not really suited for international readers. So, you need to find your own country tax information. I find this book very interesting and I recommend this book as a guideline if you wish to become a millionaire without changing your career to a more income generating one.

As for me, I'll still search for more information that can really suit my financial goal. As for my job, well...I think I'll see what I can get in term of gaining extra knowledge instead of the money.
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