Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Being in the employment world, your paper qualification really counts especially in Malaysia. Recently, a friend of mine who works with a small start up company had one of their ongoing project put on hold by the client after discovering that the company has no qualified personnel handling their project. Of course if I were the client, I would jeoperdize my money to be put on someone who is not qualified or imcompetent to do the job. So, it's a no brainer that his employer should invest some money to get their personnel trained or find someone who is already trained or who holds the paper certification. However, there will be a lot of other factors to be considered such as the salary, benefits and other related stuff including trust and reliability.

Anyway, my application to enter a CCNA course at my former university has been approved. It will commence on 2nd of June 2006 by UiTM Cisco Regional Networking Academy. The course fee is only RM2,400 for the whole year and it'll be on a part time basis. Meaning that I can still go on with my job while studying. Basically, my intention to get this certificate is not for the company I work with, my employer is not ready to sponsor anything yet so I had to take matter on by own hand. Well, I'm going to see how it goes.
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