Monday, January 08, 2007
Last month was my second anniversary of my employment in the company that I serve. So far, there is no hint of a career progress and therefore no pay raise for my income. Imagine for the last 2 years, I've only got 1 small bonus. I can't really blame the company because the company is not making money anyway. The problem is, I couldn't sell the product that the company is representing because it is too complex and I think a higher level of management planning plus some higher business connection is needed to get the company off the ground. That doesn't count the need of fundings. Either way, from what I heard if there is any increment in salary, my salary would just be raised 50% of what I'm earning now. Looking at the current situation, I doubt that my company will bring in any businesses and with the upcoming resignation of my fellow colleagues who are my dearest friends, it's making my motivation to go to work turned off.

Being in a low income category and with the rate of inflation which is rapidly increasing, a 50% raise would do no good for me. It is either I try find another job with a higher pay or I got to try and search for a job nearby my parent's house where I'm living to cut cost on my expenses. I don't have any funds yet to build up any small businesses, so entrepreneurship is out of the picture. It has been 2 weeks now I've been on a job hunt online. So far, no luck for me yet but I'm going to try applying to as many as I can and see what the outcome would be. However, I have come up with other alternatives to find a job without having to do what conventional job seekers do.

Here's a few of ideas that popped out from my head for alternative job hunting:
  • Contact a job placement agency. They can match a job matching your preferences for you without having to flip to countless of job listing pages advertised in the newspaper. I just found out that there are literally a lot of these job agencies and they are making a lot of money just brokering for potential employees to be hired for the respected employers. Make sure that the job agency is registered to the governing body of the goverment.
  • For sustainable income, make a preliminary research of the industry you want get involved with. Make sure the industry has growth and a lot of money trading around. Don't go for volatile industry such as the holiday package sales or very competitive ones like computer sales.
  • Choose only companies that are listed on the main board or second board of the stock exchange listings. These companies have too much money and they often overpay their top management. Eventhough your pay as the lowest rank is crap, it is still more than what you get in a small and medium enterprises.
Well, that's about it. This is all what I've been researching, read and thought over the past few weeks. I'm not the type of person who loves risk. Not all of what I write is true. Well, at least with a few points I've highlighted can trigger some light for your brain's unorthodox ideas. Wish me luck in my job hunting adventure.

P/S: I'm also applying for an employment in the public sector. I'll update on my job hunting progress later.

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