Friday, December 15, 2006
I've known a few local exceptional bloggers who achieved a full time income just by blogging. They love what they do and they passionately speak about it and show their love towards blogging. From my observation, if you love what you do and you get paid doing it, that is the greatest job in the world. Can we do the same as what they have done? Of course you can. However, not everyone can follow the footstep of those who had succeeded. As in any jobs available on the planet, there is always a price to pay for success.

So, how do you earn cash and generate income from your blog? Personally speaking, I make a small pocket money which I haven't been able to cash in yet. The most easiest thing you can do is to put Google Adsense script on your blog and for every click on the advertisement shown on your blog, you earn a portion of what the advertiser has paid Google. Pretty simple don't you think so? Well, not quite. If you have never fiddle around with HTML, then installing the Google Adsense script is a pretty scary thing to do. If you are not careful, your whole blog could be messed up. Is there another option apart from Adsense?

How does Blogsvertise work? In a nutshell, a blog or a website has space on it. It's like a piece of paper or billboard where you write information on it. Those spaces on your blog could be sold for a piece of other informations. The person who buys that space is oftenly called the advertiser while you are the publisher. A publisher get paid whenever the spaces are sold to the advertiser. In Blogsvertise's context, your post would be the advertising space and Blogsvertise would pay for it. The only thing you need to do now is to write whatever you feel or according to what the advertiser has requested. That is all, pretty simple right?

For more information, read and re-read the whole FAQ page. I love reading FAQ more than reading a whole page of introduction. Try and register yourselves on Blogsvertise for yourself and let me know about it.


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