Saturday, December 16, 2006
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If you have never heard of credit before, then click here. You should read, learn and understand what credit is because it can be a life changing one. If you are:
  • a US Citizen
  • own a major credit cards for 2 years
  • have a minimum credit limit of $5000 for each account
  • never missed any payment (Good Credit Report)
  • Have nothing to do or looking for some additional income
Seasoned Trade Lines is inviting people with the above qualification to help other people raising the score for their personal line of credits and at the same time reward yourself with $50-$150 for every person (or clients if you assume this a business) you've helped.

Your work if you choose to participate is to do some simple phone calls to your credit card company or maybe some visits to the bank. If you love dealing with financial documents, then this job is perfect for you. To learn more about what I mean, visit:

Explore The Business Of Credit

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