Friday, October 06, 2006

Business Proposals..Is it Worth Writing?

Over the week, I wrote a lot of business proposals for my sales director in the company. My sales director is an aggresive old man who will keep on calling if he doesn't get what he wants. However, he has no clue on what to write for his proposal to what he has market. My managing director on the other hand wants to tailormade himself each and every business proposal that is going to be submitted. Eventually, as the sole remaining person in the company who can read and write English better than anyone else in the company, I had to edit, proofread, print and bind those business proposals. Sometimes, when the upper management is lazy, I had to figure out the proposals myself. When some misspelled words were discovered, I was blamed for not doing the job correctly.

Alright, I think you heard enough of my whining. Now, let's look into our topic of the day. In my line of duty, I've read a lot proposals. Some were short while some are xtremely long. Business proposals are like a thesis a university student would produce for their graduation, except it is focused on making a sale for the company's revenue. Here is a few questions you should ask if you are making a business proposal for a potential client or so:

  • What is the objective or purpose of this busines proposal?
  • What is the client's best interest over the solution that is proposed?
  • Will this business proposal would develop a one time occurence or a long term business relationship with the client?
  • Will the client make or save money by using what is going to be proposed?
  • Is the client technical or just making evaluation?
Writing business proposal is just one part of the process in making a deal. The ultimate objective is to begin the transaction so the company can make a revenue. Money is oxygen in a life of a business.

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