Friday, June 23, 2006
Earlier this month, I wrote about TMNet Did It Again. A collegue/best friend of mine subscribed to TMNet Streamyx a few months ago, little that he knew the service that he subscribed gave up on him and it has been nearly 2 months of back and forth calling the TMNet customer service. He finally made the decision to cancel his account, unfortunately there is an uninformed or could probably be unwritten policy that those who applied and used any Telekom Malaysia services must use their services for at least one year before you can finally terminate it. So, if you have a phone line and you wanted to switch or terminate it, your account must be more than a year. If you are planning to have an account, think carefully before applying eventhough there are special offers being offered to you which is hard to resist.

I found this conversation on the internet about a customer of (America Online) AOL (a once internet mega company in the US) and one of their customer service. Since I was a tele-marketer, I know what it is like to confront customer over the phone. Of course the tagline 'The customer is always right' is valid to all businesses but from a different perspective, the customer service agent is just an employee and a normal person. However, the top management needs to respond to the numbers of declining call from their customers. It is sometimes not the fault of the customer service agent. To listen to the call, right click on this link and 'save as' the file in your pc.

Going back to TMNet Streamyx stuff, I was a bit surprised to know that the broadband penetration in Malaysia is 1.9% only. Studies shown that with the type of internet growth the country have, by 2010, the penetration would only be 13%. 1.9% is so small, now wonder TMNet streamyx is actively promoting their services everywhere. Interesting to know is that, 20% from the 1.9% of broadband user in the country is using 80% of the bandwitdh already. No wonder my broadband services kept interrupted. I think this all because of the peer to peer software that is congesting the bandwitdh. People are sharing videos, big files and stuff online. TMNet should invest on a bigger infrastructure than spending their money on flashy advertisements.

If you like to read more about this, you can go to strange symphonies blog.

Conclusion, I hope the internet would be used by more people everywhere. ;-)
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