Sunday, June 04, 2006
I'm writing this post offline since my Streamyx Broadband connection has been down for nearly 2 days already. I'm paying a fixed amount of RM88 per month for an unlimited access of the 512Kb ADSL connection. That would cost me more or less about RM3 for a day of connection which is not too bad compared to a RM3 an hour for an internet cafe nearby the place where I live.

I also have a friend who just installed Streamyx connection for less than 2 months. He is still offline even after numerous call to TMNet. The TMNet customer service even called him back to apologize but to my friend, TMNet has lost his confidence over their services. Apart of the unwritten and hidden contract for a 1 year compulsory usage, he has no choice but to pay for the monthly subscription as charge. TMNet is such a rip off.

Back to my connection, I live in Jalan Ipoh which is the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur heading towards Kepong. If living in a city with poor services, I might just as well moved to another place which is more reliable. I met a friend of mine who happen to work with Telekom Malaysia and asked him what's going on with TMNet system. He replied that TMNet is having an upgrade of system and that is the reason why some area of the service is compromised.

I also heard that they are having some bottleneck because of the Peer to peer activities (Torrent, Limewire, Kazaa etc) is eating their bandwitdh. I heard that the broadband infrastructure is quite expensive but that doesn't mean they should compromise their services.
I'm posting this blog on a WiFi connection at Ikano PowerStore, Mutiara Damansara. I got loads of e-mail to filter out since over the weekend I couldn't go online. My online business is disrupted and I'm losing RM3 every single day I can't go online at home. I'm a heavy user of the broadband connection and this is not fair.

I think I've blogged about this TMNet Streamyx downtime a few months ago. I nearly switched to Jaring a few months ago but when I read that they are too sitting on the TMNet Streamyx infrastructure, I thought what's the point. It is still going to be same. Well, I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I should try...

I hope TMNet Streamyx would improve their level of services or else they will be have a lot more blog posts like what I'm writing here.
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