Monday, March 13, 2006
For the weekend, I've been busy working both for my company and myself. For the company, I had to assist my boss to finish up a very important document and submit it to a partnering company. As for myself, after I went to the personal branding seminar last Thursday, I'm building up something for myself as you can see on my profile on the sidebar. I also updated my online resume which I put on my free Geocities Page. I don't think the free page will effect anything as I like to think that we should use whatever available and being resourceful.

Technically, I love tinkering on web development technology. Since I have a few hours in front of the TV, I've installed Mambo, a free Content Management Software available. while watching F1 in Bahrain and continued watching The Apprentice Season 4. One of my friend who is experience in installing mambo said that Mambo Content Management is very prone to hackers. Well, it is easy to install and it doesn't surprise me if it can be hacked easily. However, it's a good software and I'm customizing it to suit my need. You can take a look on what I have done at Malaysia4Homes. The domain was actually bought by my friend but he is not using it, so better I make full use of it instead of letting it sit dormantly.

It's Monday again, I'm going to be very busy this week. I hope to become more productive than last week. Cheers everyone..
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