Thursday, March 09, 2006
It's been a while since I've been to seminar. I used to be a seminar junky but only to previews and free one of course. Seminar business is huge money but it doesn't fit my choice of business though. Anyway, this morning I went to this seminar Titled:

Personal Branding

The seminar was held at Boulevard Hotel. It's a brand new hotel located at Midvalley City in Kuala Lumpur. I got to know this seminar through my network I had form on the last Total Wealth Seminar. One of the participant, Nora Al-Yahya through her company IBD Consultancy and Halaventures organized the seminar. Interestingly, their office is located just 10 floors up where my office is (where I spend most of my time). It surprised me to find out that the seminar room rate was RM800 for 4 hours, damn expensive.

Back to the seminar review, William Arruda the speaker of the seminar was simply amazing. What he taught in his 1 and a half hour seminar is truely what I've been seeking out. I've heard and read some books about branding so I can grasp on what his Personal Branding is all about. Unlike the seminar I've been to, I like his style because he has this subtle attraction that is quite similar to my personality. Of course, making money is the ultimate goal when it comes to people who are still trapped in the rat race like myself but I have this strong vision that I will attract money where money will flow freely in my life whenever I want to. Still, I have to work on it first plus action is the first key toward success.

Oh well, I need to re-assess my personal brand and focusing it strategically. Just wait for my self re-branding which I'm planning out on my sketch book. Until then, choose your brand wisely..
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