Wednesday, November 30, 2005
I've never heard of Oracle Corporation until last year when I was learning about databases. I keep asking myself, why didn't I know about them before. Anyhow, I'm glad I do know about it now rather than later. Oracle creates database application for business critical enterprise level solutions. They have all sort of software and solutions that I can't really remember what they call them except for the one product that I'm currently in charge over an IT project.

Oracle Malaysia held a technology summit at Sunway Convention Centre, Sunway Pyramid. They wanted to model what they've experienced at San Francisco Oracle OpenWorld 2005. Unfortunately, it didn't happen probably because the lack of participation. Unlike Microsoft where everybody knows and use it all the time, Oracle isn't your daily application you are using. Heck, I don't even know how Oracle software look like except for yesterday of course. One attendant who asked one of speakers during a Q&A session said, he would stay away from Oracle as they are very expensive. No wonder the crowd weren't as many as I attended Microsoft Office Day Out at the same venue.

As usual, I don't like my blog to just be some text based page. I like to add variety to it by spicing up some photos, even if the photos are not attractive. I'll fill in the details along the way:

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A banner of Oracle. I like their simplicity branding.

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Their booth got 4 different section. Most visitor went to the lucky draw wheel spin to get their free gift. I like the 10g database product because the person who occupies the booth is a very informative person. I guess he reads a lot and knows a lot about Oracle, he is a very good salesman.

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This is the 3rd speaker presenting his presentation. He is from Intel. Unlike the 2 earlier speakers, I like his presentation style since it contains a lot of the latest information. He told the crowd about Intel business and technology path toward the future. Do you know that Pentium-D is a dual core microprocessor? I just learned that during his presentation. I think I'll go to his presentation again some other time.

So, attending these technology events without a degree in IT is not making a good impression when I'm networking socially. I think I'll pursue my IT degree next year.
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