Thursday, November 24, 2005
Yesterday, I attend my usual weekly project meeting. For the record, I have no experience whatsoever handling an official meeting yet I had to be the timekeeper and I was the one in charge over the minute meeting report. I was then had to become the point of communication between the client and my company. Pretty big responsibilty that is put on my shoulder right now. On top of that, I am also the office administrator, receptionist, decision influencer and also the webmaster for the small company that my boss owns. Enough said, I am officially trapped in the 'Rat Race' and no where near the 'Financial Freedom' that I have always dream off.

Eventhough I am now trapped, I have plan of my own on how to change all this. Anyone who had played 'Strategy Game' (My all time favourite would be Monopoly and Transport Tycoon-a computer game) will have an idea on how to deal with it. Of course there will always be risk involved, but in any game you play, you will first lose a lot before you win unless if you are familiar with the game flow. When playing whatever game, it is the knowledge and practice you've acquired can determine between success and failure. The same applies in the world of business or career. What I have to do now is to keep my mind open of any possibilities.

I want to introduce a friend of mine by the name of Vincent Rich. He is a full time online internet marketer where he collects a lot of commission cheques from various sources. I am aspired to be like him in a couple of years from now. Here's my latest look featured on his website:

Image hosted by

In his blog, he explains a lot of useful information from a normal people point of view. I really dislike how internet marketing gurus are telling how good their product is. Heck, I still tend to buy one. Lucky the one that hold me back from buying is, I don't have a credit card.

Don't forget to play games when you have the time. It'll keep your mind sharp. Enjoy..
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