Monday, October 31, 2005

My New Learning Blog

I get bored and sleepy just by reading. Sometime I sit in front of my computer and start to read countless of my e-mail newletter I've subscribed. So, I need to end that and convert my old habit into a new one. Thus, I will now practice to write more than I read. To do that, I've created a blog about Learning CSS and Web Authoring.

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Actually, I have another blog but that one has become dormant the last couple of weeks. It kind of hard to knock off your old habit. It comes naturally within my comfort zone. Anyway, the purpose of the blog is to report my learning progress on Cascade Style Sheet which is quite useful for aspiring webmaster such as myself. Of course there are tools that can help cut down my CSS learning process, however I need to also learn the details of CSS so that I know how it works. By that, then would I can become an expert of it.

By the way, November's edition of Personal Magazine (A financial magazine by The Edge Daily) featured "Making Money on the Net" on its cover page. A few Malaysian bloggers were featured and its an emerging industry for IT people or non IT people to discover how they can make a living at it, as their alternative career. Grab a copy of it at your local book stand (Malaysian people of course). It is just RM9 a copy.

Enough promoting for now. I'll be writing more as part of my writing practice.

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