Tuesday, August 16, 2005
My Work Place

If you've read my previous post, I showed you my place that I'm going to be placed in my new office next week. Now I'm going to show you my place where I do all my work and stuff for the past 3 months. BTW, I'm using my office hour to write this blog (which I shouldn't), so I hope that my boss doesn't caught me of writing this (My boss is not as internet savvy as me...hehe). So here goes:

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The left computer is my computer. Cluttered with all sort of stuff, it's not really a conducive place to be doing a good job but I think if you are a versatile type, you can do anything anywhere.

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This is from a different angle of the office. It's just a small shophouse lot if you're wondering. Nothing interesting except for the mamak you downstairs. If anytime I needed a teh tarik, I just go downstairs and have it anytime I want.

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Most of our clients don't know that the company is actually run by 3 young guys with no experience whatsoever in the business world. That is of course with the exception of my boss who is in business when the two guys in the picture weren't even born. Oh well, a company is just an entity in a piece of paper under the government regulation. Even I can build you can have your own company if you want to.

Yesterday, I went to a bi-monthly project meeting at a project management company in Kelana Jaya. I don't really like going for a meeting unless it's a nice, short and brief and full of useful information. I now have to study a lot of stuff to make the project a success. Who said when you've graduated from university you're finished studying. It's definitely a myth. Anyway, I have a blog for that project on my company's website. Click here
I'm going to my new office to coordinate some stuff there. I'll be blogging around, don't worry about me. See ya later..
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