Thursday, August 19, 2004

Again, I was surprised to see my blog didn't move position. I was still at the 3rd position. I was like, that's awesome!!! Nevertheless, the review about my blog wasn't there. Only the 1st spot they reviewed. Nevermind, should try to add more content later.
Made a couple of mistakes today. Well, making mistake can be good sometimes. If you don't make mistake, you'll never learn..cheers..

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

When I started blogging at X-Fresh, I was just like doing it for fun. Apparently, they're running a contest. I was like thinking, " big deal". As usual I did what I did. Suddenly, I was checking out their blog section and to my surprise, they started the contest already. BTW, the contest is called 'Blog-Athon'. My blog was rank at number 3 over there. I was like "What just happen?". It's unbelievable. My blog was actually full of crap but the only difference was, I put a lot of pictures in it. I host my picture at Photobucket and link the pictures there. You can check out my blog at X-Fresh by clicking here.
I hope to see more people visiting my blog site..TTFN..

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I started blogging on another site called X-Fresh. X-Fresh is a young and dynamic group of highly motivated and energetic people who runs a lot of teens stuff and activities. Eventhough I'm not a teenager anymore but I feel like one. Ever heard of a saying that says, "young at heart". Sure you do, right...Well have a browse at their website at this url.

Monday, August 16, 2004

I wanted to go home early, unfortunately I was stucked at the office because of the rain. My office mate left me taking charge of the office while they go and have a drink downstairs, while I had load of stuff to plan for since my big boss is going to come to the office tomorrow.

Enough about my complains, people who complains a lot isn't going anywhere, am I right? Sometimes it's good to complain because it relieves you from stress. Too many however is quite destructive since doing it on a regular basis can lead to a negative habit. A few pic I took before I arrived home.

This is the entrance of my office (notice the blue 'X' of the signboard at the stairways)

I'm ready to 'fire off' my old bike home

A view of a traffic jam nearby my house

This road leads to Kepong, I really hate this road

If you want to avoid the stress of being trapped in a jam, check out this website first before you turn that ignition key on ;-D

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Weekends, a very happy moment for me. Time just passes by without even noticing it during weekends. It the time of joy and freedom for me at least. Most of my time spend on weekends is to catch up with a lot of stuff which is happening around me especially my social life.

To be successful is to be well balanced, a very good friend of me told me that. I think that is the most important thing to remember. I watched F1 today and Michael Schumacher was celebrating its 12 victory for this season alone. He is one guy who enjoys doing the things he is being doing. Maybe I should do the same thing too ;-)

Michael Schumacher wins 12th Formula One

Saturday, August 14, 2004

My IT interest slowed down the recent couple of years. This is because of my decision to pursue a diploma in Mechanical Engineering majoring in Automotive. It's an interesting subject however the technology is not as cutting edge as IT especially here in Malaysia. Imagine driving a car with a caburettor while advance and a more efficient technology is the fuel injection system.

Anyway, I decided to venture in the IT world again this year. It was a huge effort because I need to catch up all the advances happening for the past few years. I went to Informatics College, this college in my opinion is one of my favourite IT college. Before this, I went to the Damansara branch for a free workshop on using Dreamweaver to create websites. Again, this time at the KL branch at Megan Avenue, they held a workshop on Wireless Networking in promoting the Certified Wireless Network Administrator.

It was an eye opener for me since I learned a lot of latest technology on wireless application and how to do it at home. For more information regarding this course, you can click here for more information.

After the workshop, I went to The International Strategic Partnership & Business Networking Trade Fair For SMEs at PWTC KL. SME stands for Small & Medium Enterprises. Unfortuanately, I didn't manage to be there much longer since I arrived there at 4.30pm and the exhibition closed at 5pm. Here are some pictures I've recorded for your view.

This is the entrance to PWTC

The entrance to the Exhibition

My name tag embeded with a magnetic stripe inside. To use this, all I need to do is touch and go each booth I'm interested in.

A view before the exhibition ends

Another view of the exhibition

This is my small home office. It isn't that nice but it's comfortable enough for me to do all the work that needed to be done. Of course on the other part of the room can't be shown because it's not really tidy up yet.
I shall do another post after I return from a free wireless networking workshop at a local private college here.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Riding A Motorbike Can Be Dangerous

My transportation to work is by riding a motorcycle. My motorbike is an old Suzuki Best R110 manufactured back in 1988. Eventhough it's an old bike, it still gets me to wherever I want to go around the Klang Valley. I choose to use a bike simply because it's easier to maneuvre around the hustling and traffic of KL roads plus, the fuel consumption of a bike is very low. It depends on what bike you ride actually, for a 4 stroke engine bike, the fuel consumption is very much lower. Mine is a 2 stroke engine which uses a 2T oil and produces lots of white smoke, so it consumes more petrol.

Enough on the detail about my bike. Lately, I've been riding along KL road and notice a lot of things happening around on the road. I feel that riding a bike is like a 'kamikaze' act because you'll never know what will happen to you. Just now I was on the road, there were a lot of heavy vehicle on the road. It was a nightmare. Imagine the wheel of a lorry with the same height as you while you are riding on your bike. If you fall down beside the lorry while it is moving in the traffic jam, what will happen to you? It's just scary.

I've encountered numerous near accident experience. My adrenaline normally pumped hard when that happen. It is risky being on a bike. It can sometimes be fatal, however it's the most convenient transportation that I could have. Last time, I used to drive a car. If you are in KL and you've never experienced the traffic jam, I don't have anything to say to you except, "Go out there and experience it for yourself".

Friday, August 06, 2004

I received a call yesterday by a company named Success Resources. They were following up me since I signed up during their Anthony Robbin's Preview last January. I only wish I can to Singapore, unfortunately I couldn't because of a lot of unfinished business I have here. Plus, my financial status isn't up to the par yet for me to go anywhere.

I arrived in front of the office

A view of a typical corporate office

Anthony Robbin's Banner outside on the building

However I did went to their office the 2nd time to settle things out and I was really impressed by the environment of the office. Compare it to my office, this office is much more livelier than mine. I can only wish my current office is like this office. Maybe one day, my dream will come true as most of my dream does. ;-)

For more info about Anthony Robbin Asia click here