Friday, November 17, 2006

I Attended eBay Explained 2006

This post should have been written earlier but lately I am a bit lazy to write. Anyway, last Sunday 12/11/2006, I attended eBay Explained 2006 held at KLCC Convention Centre. This was the first time I've attended eBay conference, I never knew eBay had a conference last year. The crowd was not that big as Microsoft's seminars but the people were quite excited. I arrived there half wet because of the rain shower during the afternoon. Waited for like an hour before they finally open up the doors. By the way, the snack was good.

While waiting, I spotted someone who is somewhat familiar. It was LiewCF. I'm one of his RSS subscriber so basically when he updates, I read whatever he writes. I never knew that he is a tall guy, he is way much taller than me though. He was circled by a few of his blogging friends I guess. While hanging out on the hallway waiting for the conference door to open, I heard LiewCF telling the guys, he doesn't sell anything but buys more stuff which is quite funny. Not that I'm not a friendly person, I don't know why I didn't wanted to shake hand and say 'hi' to him, maybe it is more fun to stalk behind him rather than asking him directly..Haha..

The conference started with a couple of success stories video clips. I really like the Indian Singaporean guy who eventually opened up his own office selling tech gadgets. I find the guy selling 'leaves' picked up in front of his apartment a little bit awkward because his business is unique and I cannot relate to it. Anyway, it is interesting to get to know small and strange businesses running especially on eBay.

For some people, they get really excited and motivated to implement their ideas after they are exposed to a new discovery. I was one of them, but I've seem to lost touch of the enthusiasm simply because my old habit seems to hard to overcome. I went home early because it's just too painful for me to see so many features and ideas coming up after getting to know eBay much better with eBay Explained 2006. However, I still love freebies and I picked up a couple of these:

I should have taken more but I wasn't carrying a bag and I don't want to look like I'm stealing something. Anyway, eBay Explained 2006 was a good insight and probably I'll go for next year's conference. If you wanted to know who LiewCF's friend who was circling him, they did a much greater explanation over their eBay Explained 2006 experience. Here's their link:

Colbert Low



cjcm said...

Ahhhh...some one were listening to our conversation ehh... :)
You should have introduced yourself.

Thx for mentioning about my blog here.

C U around

LiewCF said...

next time shake hand with me pls. My hands are clean! :P