Thursday, October 19, 2006
I hate my glasses. I also hate the fact that I'm nearsighted. I've been wearing glasses full time since I was 16 years old. My prescription is -2.5D for my left eye and -2.75D for my right eye. When I was young, I told myself to make sure that when I grow up, I will not wear glasses like my parents do. I am so sure that myopia is not a heredity.

When I was 16, I noticed that I can't see what the teacher wrote on the whiteboard. That was when I realized that I am now a myopic dude. So, I went to an optometrist and made myself a pair of spectacles. At that time, my presription was only -1.25D for both eyes. I then searched for information to cure my myopic eyesight and found ISEE Website. I searched rigorously for other information especially on Natural Vision Improvement and even downloaded a complete ebook of The Bates Method. I lost the ebook prior to my hard disk failure though. This was all 8 years ago.

I soon got used to the glasses that I'm wearing because I have to see things clearly and as detail as possible. I tried contact lenses but it doesn't really gives me the comfort so I seldomly wear them. Eventually, I settle for glasses and learn how to deal with it in difficult situation. I wish I could get rid of my glasses. I then found out about LASIK. Since I've gone through a neck surgery when I was 16, surgery just gives the creep out of me. I don't like the fact of undergoing a surgery ever again. I even blacked out everytime a syringe penetrates my skin.

Anyway, I was browsing around and found Mike Davidson: Thinking About LASIK. I read the whole post including the comments. It's interesting to read what other people comments apart from David's post. Here's two interesting links that I found just by reading the post:
Oh..look what I found:

LASIK at Home

If you are wondering what device is that. It's called The LASIK@Home device. For just $99.95, now you can have the LASIK procedure done by yourself. If you are broke like me, it's very tempting to order this product. However, I can't bare of thinking about losing my eyesight, it's better to wear glasses than being blind. If you notice, even the doctor who's modeling for the device wears glasses. How on earth would you believe that. The only sales factor that would make this product sold is the hope of having a 20/20 vision. By the way, this stuff is a hoax. You can read about it here.

No. I'm not going to order that device. I need to find out local LASIK centres to seek out more information about it. Here's a few LASIK centre I found online:


Optimax is the most prominent one I see with all the testimonial on their website from Malaysian athletes and even celebrities. I would have never known that one of my favourite singer had a LASIK to improve his eyesight.

TLC The LASIK Centre

Their website is a kind of ugly but as long as there is information, it's okay.

Vista Laser Eye Center

I passed by their office I think a few years ago. It's near the Star building in Phileo Damansara.

Now come the part where we find the downside of LASIK. Here's a website created by a n unfortunate person who underwent LASIK and had problems:


It's a pity for him to have a distorted vision. After spending thousands of ringgits for LASIK, he now has some eyesight problems.

You can search and find a lot more of LASIK experience from people elsewhere or else read this.

LASIK surgeries cost money. I don't have that kind of money yet. I think I'll find money first. LASIK can wait.

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