Sunday, October 01, 2006

I 've been reading a few successful web entrepreneurs blog that I'm planning to model. I like the way they work because they are very different from the Internet Marketing model that I used to read about. They work really hard to accomplish what had been plan and they are very unique in their own kind of way.

In my country, the only basement I know is the basement car park. There are no basement in homes that I've seen because it's not a practical thing to have. Eventhough Google was first established in a basement, not all web entrepreneur started out in a basement. It's just an interesting term to use. If you ask me, I would prefer to call them 'Bedroom Guru' because all it need is a computer and an internet connection in a small room just beside the bed.

Anyway, here is the website:

The Basement Guru

So now, the only thing to do is to search within myself and move forward toward my personal goal.

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