Monday, September 18, 2006

Yahoo Photos Phishing Prevention

In early May 2006, I lost my almost 10 year old Yahoo Account to a phishing site which looked exactly the same as a login for Yahoo Photo. Wondering what lies behind the site, I simply key in my yahoo account information eventhough I was logged in to Yahoo on a different tab. 10 minutes later, I was automatically logged out involuntarily. I tried to log in again but didn't succeeded. Tried to recover my password but the phishing system was way too advance to scramble my information detail. Searched for some hackers but they charged a hefty $150 for one account but I have doubt that these hackers will just take away my money, steal all the details on my address book and emails and laugh at all my emails. So, I had to let go of my Yahoo Account permanently.

After so much of waiting, finally Yahoo introduced a new system that could actually prevent you from the phishing site:

Yahoo Account Phising prevention

Basically, what this thing do is it labels your Yahoo login site with your own colour and label tab. The step below is how you do it.

Making the tabs

First you can choose whether to have a seal text or an image seal tab.

Choosing a colour scheme

For my login, I chose to have an image and the colour red.

Adding an authentic photo

An authentic and legitimate seal for my Yahoo login.

Final result

The only problem is it's limited to your browser of choice and it can only use on your own computer. Let me elaborate on that, I use Flock and Firefox both at the same time. The image seal above is created for my Flock browser. My Firefox browser doesn't have the seal. So, this mean it must be configured to each and every browser that you use. Still, it's a good practice to prevent your account from being phished. Yahoo is now using Ajax in it's web application. They are now are almost cool as Google. We'll see a lot of features from Yahoo in the next few months till 2007. Untill then, stay cool..

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