Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today, I had a presentation meeting for my company with avery big well known organization. Well, thanks to one of our competitors whoever they are, we won’t even have to finish up the presentation.However, we had to come out with a proposal for them.

In the company where I work, I’m the only person who is qualified and has been doing the dirty work of producing countless proposals for the past nearly 2 years. Normally, my boss write up most of the proposal but eventually I am the one who had to edit and proofread whatever he had wrote. Sometimes,he will come to me and ask for what sentence should he use to write. His spelling and grammar is the worst I’ve ever read. I’m not sure of because of my blogging skills built up during the years has improved my writing, but I do know that I can write many times better than my boss. There are times he spent hours and hours just for 2-3 pages on a proposal. I could just have just crank it out in just a few minutes if he just had the courtesy to pay me or give me a raise or something. For whatever reason, I still need his approval before whatever proposal under the company's name can be submitted.

So how do you write a quick business proposal for a client in 2 hours? My advice is very different from a conventional book or articles. Here is 10 bulleted points of what you should have before you can write a quickbusiness proposal:

  • You need to have an extensive amount of details over what you are going to propose
  • You are able to use Microsoft Word or whatever word processor, like the back of your hand
  • You need to be able to handle the printers in case of something goes wrong while printing
  • You are comfortable in crafting out formal sentences
  • You can mix and match the details and customize it according to the client’s need
  • You need to keep track of all the documents you have
  • You need to be able proofread the entire documents on screen quickly
  • You have done countless of mistake on countless of writings before
  • You are able to multitask by opening up a lot of active tabs on your windows taskbar
  • You can handle the application crashes if it happens

Now there you have it. There is no short cut if you wantto be good in something. You have to spend time and effort in whatever things you do.

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