Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Once in a while, I go to this cycle of complacency. It happens to all of us whether we are poor, middle class or rich. The reason is because we have our own comfort zone and we love the feeling of having security in our lives. The cycle would then goes down and this is where I feel the urgency to take charge of my life and start to change. However, the sensation feeling is short lived and later on, I would be back again with my same old routine and habits. I’m not really sure I love or hate this type of cycle but I do know that I badly need to change.

I just finished watching the final episode of Third Watch on my free national television. Did some searching on Google and found out that Third Watch started airing the show since September 1999 and ended on April 2005. I loved that show very much eventhough it may be fictional, but it gives you a glimpse of what going on in the real world or at least what is happening out there. Plus on every episode, there will be a moral of a story usually subconsciously embedded.

Going back to the head title of my post. I guess you all heard that we need to diversify in order to survive or you need to take risk or don’t put all your eggs on one basket, spread it. These advices are all given by so called experts. Do they really apply them in real life, I’m not so sure about that. From my experience here is what I’ve found.

I had this idea of setting up websites and blogs for specific niches. I did all the research, set up plans and draft out some process plan. Unfortunately, the plan remains on the piece of paper I’ve drafted and never went out for production. What was I’ve been doing wrong? It then hit me when I’ve been reading other blogs that we are all given the same equal amount of time in a day. The one who can position and leverage what they do is the one who will be on top of what they do. So, what leverage do you have right now? Me, I underutilizing the leverage I have so most probably I need to sharpen the skill that I have with me.

The other thing that really bugs me is, should I be focusing broadly or narrowly. My career seems to not going anywhere simply because I’m doing all kind of jobs in all kind of direction. Having focused on too many things lead to my failure for advancement. I do think I need to reprioritize my goal and most importantly write it down and recite it everyday. Normally we fail to do that when complacency starts kicking in.
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