Thursday, August 03, 2006
I just created several other blogs. There are a few blogs that I've created is targeted to a very specific niches in order to monetize it. As long as I could get a few extra dollars using Adsense, I think there's nothing wrong with that. You should read about Article Underground as it tells you about why hand created website is much more valuable than software generated one. Anyway, writing articles is hard work for me. I can't write a lot of articles because I'm not trained at it yet. I'm practicing it at the moment to focus on writing more. At least it will keep me occupied rather than just reading crap about internet marketing.

Why use a blogging editor tool? Basically tools are created to save time so that you can focusing on doing things that is more important. It is also called 'leverage'. By leveraging, you can do more than what you are capable of. Who doesn't want that, right? So, here's my blogging tool that I use:

Performancing Firefox is one of top rated blogging editor. I'm still getting the hang of using this tool. I used to log in to my blogger account, write in the post section, preview it and then post. Now I don't have to log into my account anymore, the software does that for me. It's integrated with my Firefox Browser so I can just blog away while I'm surfing a page. It's very convenient. My only hope is that my blogger account or any other blog accounts that I need to log in, doesn't get hacked by some bad guys. Try and have a go on Performancing Firefox.
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