Wednesday, August 09, 2006
This morning, while walking to get to my office. I passed by Starbucks Cafe, Amcorp Mall (where my office is located) and then saw someone whom I met way back in 2004 during an event I participate called The Total Wealth Seminar conducted by Marco Robinson. At first I thought I mistakenly recognized him for someone else, so I shot him a comment on his blog. He replied back and said it was him alright. After lunch, I tried and search for him before bumping into him on the escalator. Kidino is a rare breed of online entrepreneur who quited his job and ventured into the online business full time. He makes money selling digital products, online web tutorials, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and many more. While he was at Starbuck, he manage to make out this amazing salesletter telling about Mike Filsaime latest product. In the world of Internet marketing, Mike Filsaime is a big shot.

I envy so much of what Kidino can do. Of course I know that he spent years learning, doing and perfecting what he has achieved right now. As a jack of all trade, I think I'm not moving ahead these days. I need to change and the change has to come from within. I'm thinking of finding a mentor but I'm afraid that I couldn't commit on it. In another perspective, I think blogging is now becoming a career. You can make a full time income as proven by a number of people committed to blogging. Problogger is one of the big shot in the world of professional blogging. I took on Problogger Quiz and here's my result:

I'm just blogging as a hobby. Well, it is fairly true enough. I need to go pro. I need to change. I'm changing it NOW!
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At 8/20/2006 12:55:00 am, Blogger hyatt

take your time to learn... I took 2 years to become what I am today and Im one of Malaysia's low profile probloggers....unlike LCF who is famous


At 8/23/2006 10:34:00 am, Blogger |dAia|

i'm starting to venture into online business too.It seems easy at first but once you're in can be hard especially in promoting.but if there's a will...anything can be achieved right.