Friday, June 09, 2006
One of the meaning of business according to The Free Dictionary is Serious work or Endeavour. Yesterday, I met with a friend of mine and for some reason I wonder why he is so eager to meet me. So, we had a nice chat about the stuff I really got interest with and he brought along with him a buddy. The guy has some sort of a 'success' attitude, well I'm not really sure because looks can be deceiving. Anyhow, we had a really good discussion about business, personal development and I really enjoyed it.

However, little do I know that the guy my friend brought was doing network marketing. While I don't have any disrespect of people doing network marketing, I cringe everytime I heard about MLM or multi-level marketing. I know that network marketing is one of the most powerful tool to leverage your business but I'm not really comfortable with the perceived MLM. It's almost the same thing when we are confronting an annoying salesperson which their job is to sell, sell and sell. For me, what I want is what I'll buy and if I don't like it, don't force me to buy or to beg for me to buy it from such person.

I also hated when they compare their lifestyle of not having to go the office or their office is at some coffee shop or they can work anytime they want. Hey..I can do whatever I want to do anywhere I like if I wanted to. No need to brag about it. It is true that some people feel that they are in a rat race and couldn't get out but that doesn't mean their lifestyle is bad. Its all about being able to choose your lifestyle and what you want in life that really counts. At least for me it counts. In the end, I tend to stay away from those who claim to have a relax lifestyle because each one of us has their own struggling story if you can dig deep enough. So, there's literally no short cut for success. It requires smart and hard work...initially of course...

The above was my thought of the night (I'm blogging at 2am in the morning now). Last week, I went to The Ministry of Defence following my marketing team (my boss and my other boss). I couldn't reveal where the location is because its top secret..hehe..anyway, here's a few shot I took:

Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia Tag
The tag is specially assigned to the registered person who entered the premise. You need a tag to access in and out.

The Kitchen Meeting Room
Look at the nice furniture they have. I wish I had my own set of conference table just like this one.

The Kitchen Mini Theatre
They got sofas and a big 29 inch television set plus a projector. Now this is one cool room to have a meeting. I've never been to such places where they have such facilities. It's even better than the hotels.

Yesterday morning I had a another meeting at another Ministry at Maju Junction. Same thing as before but to another group of people. It's great to meet people but getting the results (money) is another serious issue and with big money is involved, it sure needs big money to start with. ;-p

Well, I'm signing off now and head to bed. So, what is your choice of business?

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