Tuesday, June 06, 2006
This would be a delayed post since Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2006 has ended last Sunday. I went to the event on Friday night, I should have come on the weekend but the price for weekdays is much cheaper plus my friends did joined me that day so it's worth going eventhough I spent less than 2 hours covering all the places at the event which were held at PWTC.

KLIMS06 ticket
My ticket was RM15. It was RM20 for the weekends so I saved RM5. I passby Aquaria KLCC last week while walking around KLCC Convention Centre last week. I don't know what's in there but I think I'm going there one day when I have some extra cash with me..hehe..

Car Lelong Contest KLIMS06
The lowest single bid wins? I don't understand it but the price is nice.

Model on a F1 Ferrari
Yeah..now this is more like it. The models..I wonder how they could pose and pose and pose the whole day in their skimpy outfit. Well, maybe they've gotten used to it probably.

Some Prototype Car
This is an ugly prototype car.

Gen 2 with Zero Kit
A Proton Gen 2 with Zero Kit body kit. If only I owned one for my daily travel to work.

Nissan Car 1
I have no idea what car is this but I don't think I like this car.

Black Naza Sport Concept
Black is beautiful. The models are too..huhu..

Smart For Two Cabriolet
Smart ForTwo car. This car is too small if you ask me. If I'm driving with my girlfriend, now that's interesting.

Car PC
A PC in the car? Can't figure out how it works since my time there were limited.

A  Black Suzuki Swift
I like the Suzuki Swift design from the front, but from the back? It's not that sexy..

Perodua's Next Production Car
Perodua XX06. A good friend of mine works for the R&D department at Perodua in Rawang. I think he just crashed one of this prototype car a few days ago. I was surprised to find that the car has ABS and airbags plus equipped with other premium features. Luckily my friend survived the crashed thanks to the airbag. My friend told me that the brakes failed and he panicked. Thankfully he is now alright but the car wasn't.

Toyota Babes
Is she cute or what?

New Ford Focus
This babe is worth RM120,000++

Orange Ford
The cutting is nice eh?

Red Scorpion Ferrari
This is one HOT beauty!!

Black Diablo
I drove this beauty in Need For Speed. Hehe..

Red Porsche
I drove this one too...

Blue Mini Rover
Great stuff...

Maybe because I went there during the last hour of the day, there wasn't much excitement going on during the show. Next year I'm not going to bother about the crowd, I'm going during the weekend. Anyway, it was a good show and event.

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