Friday, June 16, 2006
I love surfing the world wide web and I'm hooked at doing it. I can stay online for hours and even skip my meal. Well, not really..I eat as usual and on time normally. Oh, I'm surfing the net from Petaling Jaya, not from Germany. I know almost every people is being hit by the World Cup fever so Germany is the main highlight these days.

I'm waiting for my Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) class to commence which would probably next week. I love to learn about network and the possibility of connectivity. Recently I did a review about Free Web Hosting on my other blog. Here's the headlines and the link of it:
One of the free web hosting I registered would allow me to access from my office. I can only access the webhost from my house where I live, about 30km from my office. So, I suspect that the network my office is using has been blacklisted by the net provider where the webhosting is using because when I tried accessing the website using Guardster, it went through. This morning I tried using a software called Hide IP, it connected me to a network on Germany:

Ashrufzz Websurfing through Germany

As you can see, I use a lot of tools to help me through my web surfing activities. So, now I can access the website where I have built using the free webhosting. Try and accessing my new website/blog Ashrufzz Another Blog. Well, back to work now, I'm building a couple more of websites, the ultimate goal is to build up a huge network of my own website and build traffic from it. It would be fun to see traffic coming from all over the places. Try using Google Analytics and you'll get the feel of what I'm feeling. Adios people..
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