Tuesday, June 20, 2006
I didn't go anywhere during my last Sunday. I know for some people that is unusual because I am still young and I should be partying or go out doing activities out there. Instead, I chosed to stay and spent time inside the house. I can sit for hours in front of my laptop and get carried away doing my usual stuff online. Yesterday I found an interesting fact and it answered a lot of my questions regarding how the energy on our body is utilized eventhough we sometimes didn't do anything much.

The recent shortage of sugar supply in the local market recently has hit a lot of people. I myself find it difficult to buy even a pack of sugar. So, why is sugar is so important and what is it has to do with my post today? Sugar or its other name, glucose is one of the main fuel a human body needs to have in the system. The brain, consumes almost 10% of the entire energy supply for the body. 10% is a lot of energy, it could be more if you use the brain more oftenly. I find myself using my brain so often, I get so tired and just went to sleep and dream during my night time.

So, since glucose is burned to produce energy inside our body and 10% of it goes to the brain alone, does that mean big or fat people can just rely on their brain to burn their excessive fat? Not really..If you like this topic, you can read more about it at The Human Brain - Carbohydrate. The page explains in length about:
  • Brain Energy Demand
  • Brain Power – The Energy of Thought and Memory
  • Too Much Blood Sugar – Too Little Brain Sugar
  • Soft Drinks are Hard on Your Brain
  • Sugar, Diabetes and The Brain
  • How to Control Blood Sugar Swings
I'll give you the link again here.

Wow.. just look at how significant sugar is in our lives. I'm so used to have sugar in my meal, I can't imagine if someday in the future, there will be less sugar supply. I hope the sugar factory continue to do their noble job for the public instead of fighting over its price.

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