Tuesday, June 13, 2006
If you happen to be noticing my profile, I aspire to become an entrepreneur. However, I have yet to unleash what I really wanted to do because of the lack of direction. I tried to find a mentor to help me on my self discovery but my effort didn't work out very well. Instead, I'm now trapped with a mentor (my current employer) who has been struggling in his own business for over 22 years. Well, I can't really blame anyone else because I have to power to choose whatever I like.

I read this very interesting blog by Nik Cubrilovic about The Start Up CEO: Chief Everything Officer and I made a conclusion of The Essential skills to become a good Chief Everything Officer (CEO) especially for a start-up which I'm currently building-
  1. Strong Communication
  2. Having a decisive action or being able to make big decisions
  3. Confidence
  4. The ability to adapt to change and respond quickly
Let me analyze my strength and weaknesses using the points above. I definitely need to brush up my communication skills, I have learned all the necessary communication skill in business over the short years of my employment, so it's not too hard. The only thing for me to do now is to just put it to action.

I have a team who I can rely on most of the time. I've been leading them in working on a couple of small projects already and I am the most influential decision maker in the group. So, that's a positive sign for me. Because of that, I have the confidence to make any big decisions. I could also easily adapt to changes that is happening around me, well I learned that through my experiences.

Enough of talking about myself. I can continue to brag about what I can do but in the end, people will judge you upon your action that you've been taking. Anyway, the choices is always yours to make. I'll blog about the projects that I've been working hard for with my group in my next post. Adios people..
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