Thursday, April 06, 2006
Yesterday, while I was busy designing a new and improved company website, I received a call from a guy who e-mail me an offer to renew my company's domain name. The guy actually called me at the right time as the domain name is going to expire next week. Gosh..I've been using the company's domain name for a year now. The website, eventhough just half-heartedly designed has been indexed in major website such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

So, the offer was to change my webhosting to a local one for just RM98 and to renew my domain for just RM80. When I register the domain, I paid only RM120 for the domain and the 50MB webhost which resides in the US (I have no idea where the exact location, Washington, DC if I'm not mistaken). The domain cost me RM90 while the 50MB webhost was RM30. It amazes me at that time how cheap it was. We all know that cheap thing comes with their own quality price. Only one thing differs the local webhost and the US webhost, distance. With greater distance, it will took longer than the local one. However, I don't see any problem as I don't use the webhost for heavy development of stuff. Only pure HTML and some Wordpress & MySQL database action, that's it.

The local webhost FTP is of course way much faster and it offers more customer service. With a 1GB webhosting for RM98 and renewing the domain for just RM80, I am tempted to go with the offering. However, I didn't like the database part as they only allow 1 MySQL database. I don't know why they only allow 1 database when the webhost allows me to create unlimited MySQL database. My company's website doesn't need so much bandwitdh as it is not a high traffic social site. It hosts only a few stuff concerning my company's corporate information. So, why do I need a big webhost with unlimited while the small one can offer me better features.

So, it's time to make a decision. I think I'll just renew my former hosting as I don't need that bigshot webhost. As long as it works, it'll be fine for me. I may sound a bit technical, and you know what, I am...
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