Friday, April 14, 2006
Today, something extraordinary happen in my office. The networking went haywire and the internet connection was terrible. My boss who is long known for his grumbling behaviour kept me busy all day long. I had to juggle between both, preparing an administrative job which was to prepare a few marketing documents and technical issues plus some project management issues with my technical guy. At the same time, I had to handle my bosses big asses because they were freaking out about their damn credibility of not having a competent technical team. It's practically their fault for not hiring qualified staff but of cause they had to blame it to someone. Who else than their 2nd in command guy. I hate being in a slavery state right now that I swear I'll kick myself out of the company if I wasn't compensated properly when the money comes in.

So, what I did first was to analyze the network accessibilty. Then one of the laptop all of sudden gave up, the windows was unable to load. Even worse, the laptop is now assigned to one of my director and he has a loud mouth. So, I had to reinstall the windows and load all the stuff for him. Lucky the office only have a few people, imagine if I'm the only guy in the IT department and I had to assist numerous other non-IT department, I can go crazy after that.

While analyzing the office internet connection. The Wi-Fi connection was lost. Took me 3 hours to restore it back to normal while solving a couple other jobs that were being dumped at me. I just can't believe I had to also solve a technical problem one of my guy is having with his web-based software that is going to be presented for one of our client. The problem just lies because of some minor mislinking with the script. Capital were used instead of the non-capital, the link got messed up.

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Nevertheless, my webmastering skill had save his task. So, that's not too bad wasn't it? My mistake was to told my boss of what a great job I did. Unfortunately, my skill wasn't appreciated and I was given more task. So, now I need to multitask my skill to its limit. I don't know how much longer I'm going to hold on with this slavery. So many things is crossing my mind right now. Well, tomorrow will be a better day than today.
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