Monday, April 24, 2006
I'm not feeling very good today. Not because I'm not well. I just spend the day preparing 15 cheques for my company since today is my payday. Eventhough I get paid today, I am so not happy with I heard.

My boss just told me that I will get an increase in my salary once the money from a project worth more than a million ringgit coming in. Since I control every document that the company is handling, I know exactly what the project cost is because I am the one helping my management making the proposal and also the quotation. It hurts me so badly after knowing that I am going to get an increase of just about RM500. After deduction, it will go down to just RM200. My boss is so inconsiderable. I am so pissed. I better go back to Burger King and work using the Wi-Fi there. It is so useless working in this crappy management company.

Oh my god. This is the first time I'm condemning my god damn company in my own blog. Well, at least I feel so much better now. Better plan for my retirement with this company as soon as possible.
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sabor eh....