Sunday, April 09, 2006
It's Saturday night and I'm in front of the tv while writing this blog. The title of this entry was taken from a newspaper I read a few days ago. It got my attention as it has got to do with what my position is right now. I watched this local drama, the story was about this young chap venturing into the vicious corporate world specifically in the construction management. Construction here in Malaysia was reported to be a bit slow. However, if you drive around, you can see there's a lot of development still going on.

With a lot of developed buildings and properties everywhere, the next thing to do is always to maintain the built environment. This is a huge task to do altogether. This is where the company I'm working is trying to educate. We have a solution to manage all those properties and buildings. The beauty of having such solution is, it is all going to be digitize and if you haven't notice, digitize information is a mouse click away and requires even less manpower. However, less manpower means higher skilled manpower which turn out to become highly paid. So, poor all those unskilled people having no employment as these systems slowly replacing them. With less people, the company will gain a lot of profit since the highest overhead is always the salary of the people working. This will then increase the company's value as cost of overhead is cut down. A company if you are not aware is just an entity formed with a few folders filed in some office probably just a small one.

Enough about the jargon, I happen to be the skilled person but I am definitely underpaid. I'm not asking for huge remuneration. Anyway, the person controlling the company will say something like "Oh, the company needs the fund for future projects". It's always crap. The boss spends money like crazy while the employee earn peanuts. Well, no wonder a lot of people resort to network marketing or starting their own business. The funny thing about being an employee is, you can never get enough salary. I've met a few person who has a 5 figures salary but the money still wasn't enough. This is the world called the 'rat race' if you ask Robert Kiyosaki. Still knowledge is power.

I'll leave you readers with this interesting quote by a consultant (I hate people who claim to be consultant without any track records as they are like conman):

'One reason why such companies (big scale business) don't need multi-tasking is because this will only lead to tasks being inefficiently completed as the people who are responsible to perform them might not specialize in them' "JeromePierre Bonnifay, - SB International Consulting Chief Executive Officer)
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