Friday, February 24, 2006
I'm writing this entry on my bed so I maybe a bit drowsy because of exhausted after one hell of a day. So, what happen was during my morning, I had to prepare cheque payments for my company's expenses, payroll etc..I guessed I wrote about 10 cheques if I'm not mistaken, then I moved on to reviewing a proposal my boss asked me to proofread it.

During the afternoon, I had a meeting with a bunch of college students. They wanted to do a final year project and asked for help by wanted to make my company to become their client. Of course I'm not going to suggest my company to pay them since my service level is much higher than what they are offering. So basically, I agreed to help them with an exchange of a few assignments that I'm going to give to them.

After lunch, I continued reviewing and refining more proposal which my boss wanted to give to his Dato' friend. Finished up that one, I had to make my boss business card (my boss is so stingy, he utilizes his employees ability to do all the stuff instead of outsourcing and paying very little). I hope my boss doesn't read this..haha..then I went back again to refine a standard document for a undergoing big project my company is engaged in besides supervising my team progress over their work.

During my time at the office, I had to listen to crap stuff my Indian consultant was telling. My company employs an Indian consultant and I am not happy with it. All he does is telling people what to do, e-mailing around, reading some crappy stuff and blames whatever if can when problems arises or when he cannot complete his puny task. He gets paid almost 3 times my salary while I had to cover for the job he was supposed to do. He is so imcompetent, he doesn't even know how to fax. Well, not all consultant are like that but if I am the boss, I would have sure fired him a long time ago. I'm planning subtlely to get rid of him away from the company very soon if doesn't improve.

After office hour, I had an appointment with my insurance agent. It has been more than a year I haven't seen him. I topped-up my premium to raise my standard as it is an investment link policy. I think it is wise to outsource your risk management instead of taking responsibility yourself. As usual, my agent sells his stuff very well.

Multi-tasking is a skill and it requires practice. Practice is all about spending time doing certain things learning by the experience. It's hard but someone has to do it. I'm going to bed now...Zzzzz...
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At 2/25/2006 09:33:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous

Sounds like you had a full day. It's Saturday today try get some form of rest...although, I think it's easier said than done :)


At 2/28/2006 12:05:00 pm, Blogger |dAia|

be careful there,your boss might be reading never know...:)
there's dozens of cases where employees got fired coz they bad mouth thier boss on the net.but i'm sure he doesn't read blogs right...