Thursday, February 16, 2006
Valentine's Day is over, actually I don't celebrate valentine but I love the idea of romance in relationship. However, romance at work is something you should consider if your workplace has some tight policy around it. Here are 10 rules you should be aware of when engaging on romance at your workplace:

Rule 1 - Know the rules. If company policy says "no dating," either chill out or find another job before approach that angel in an amorous way.

Rule 2 - Know your co-worker. If your target for Cupid's arrow is attached, a gossiper, or related to the boss, aim that shaft elsewhere.

Rule 3 - No means no. If you need that one explained to you or choose to ignore it, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the job search engine at Simply Hired. Just sayin'.

Rule 4 - Create a workplace prenup. Set limits early and be aware of what could happen when the relationship that started with dozens of roses turns into War of The Roses.

Rule 5 - Don't fish in your boss's pond. That could be taken a lot of ways, but SimplyFired advises you to not date in the same department or be prepared to let the boss know about it.

Rule 6 - Date up, not down. Dating down means leaving oneself open to a sexual harassment suit if the relationship goes pancake-shaped.

Rule 7 - Keep your privates private. Um, (blush), this means avoid affectionate touching or longing glances when others are around. Private moments, people, that's what Rule 7 means!

Rule 8 - Use Hotmail for hot mail. (I am so not making a Gmail joke here. No way.) This one about avoiding work email for off-work topics can be summarized in six words: Email administrators can read your messages.

Rule 9 - Don't drink and date. Office parties and alcohol can turn the most covert relationship into the talk of the company for months afterward.

Rule 10 - Your office or mine? NEITHER. The office is for the work you're being paid to perform as specified in your job description. 'Nuff said.

Have a wonderful romancing time and all the best.
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At 2/22/2006 09:19:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous

Interesting rules. Although I for one goes by the 'no dating co-worker'. Saves you a lot of trouble. It's just too incestous but that's one person's opinion. Still, I do notice office romances sprouting everywhere and some unwanted attention does come every other way. Whatever suits them, I suppose